Regional products

Having a duck farmer for a neighbor, we have gradually become familiar with everything to do with the duck. So it comes as no surprise that we regularly put duck on the menu. We have really learned that every part of the duck is put to use. As the aperitif or appetizer we might serve rillette, duck sausage, or ‘cou farci’, smoked duck filled with foie gras, or of course the foie gras itself in all its forms. We also serve gésiers; only afterwards, when everyone has eaten their fill, will we tell our guests that gésiers are candied stomachs. As a main course there are countless variations on duck leg and duck breast. A regional classic is the Cuisse de canard avec pommes Sarladaise. These are potatoes fried in duck fat with a lot of garlic and parsley. And when every other part of duck has been used, the carcass remains, which makes for a delicious broth in winter.