Walnuts of the Quercy

Regional products

Testament to the fact walnuts were traditionally known and consumed here are the 17,000-year-old traces in the hiding places of the Cro-magnon. Starting from the Middle Ages, the region really developed into an important hub in the walnut trade. In 1830, there was an abrupt end to this due to a particularly severe winter. Only in the 1950s did the nut economy get a new boost. Nowadays serious nut growers meet the strict specifications of the AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) Noix du Périgord. The nuts are offered fresh from September to mid-October. Afterwards they are still available for a whole year in dried, peeled or non-peeled form. The designation allows for four types of nuts: Corne, Marbot, Grandjean and Franquette. Walnut oil, another delicacy, is particularly delicious in a salad with goat cheese, or just pure on a slice of baguette. We process about 6 kg of unpeeled nuts every year! Marion’s walnut pie is a highly praised classic …