Evening meal

Do you know how cozy it is to spend your holidays sharing a table with guests who like you are out to have a wonderful evening? You never met them before, and maybe they speak French, or English, or Spanish or German, and yet everyone manages to have great conversations together. That is the charm of a real “table d’hôtes” or evening meal!

On such an evening we cook a three-course menu for you. The evening starts off with an aperitif and a small bite, followed by a starter, main course, and cheese or dessert according to the menu. All this for € 25, wine not included. For those who like, there is an exquisite wine list, and Jan is a real sommelier who is more than happy to guide you to your right pick.

We do not have a fixed menu. After all, we try to use as many fresh, local products as possible, and so it all depends on what’s on offer on any particular day. In every menu we also try to incorporate a regional specialty.