Regional products

The typical breed of sheep that thrives on the chunky, calcareous plateaux of the Quercy is called Caussenarde. The sheep are very recognizable by the black rim around their eyes, as if they are wearing sunglasses all year round. While in times past they were grown for their wool and their dung, today they are mainly raised for their delicious meat. The lambs are fed by the mother for at least 70 days and the whole herd grazes outside in spring, summer and autumn. In Souillac there are still 3 active sheep farmers, including our closest neighbour, whose sheep live on the lime plateau on top of the hill next to our garden. In the summer months the neighbor organizes a walk uphill every week, so that everyone gets the chance to meet the herd and even to pet the young lambs.

But like we mentioned: the meat is very tasty, so sooner or later these lambs will probably end up on the barbecue or the plancha at one of our dinners …